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Addiction to Super Junior

Addiction to Super Junior

4/6/2009 - 090604 / INTRO

Saranghae Super Junior, Let's cover the world with Sapphire pearl blue Balloons!

Hi Everyone,
first entry ,
To all of you : Welcome,
I'm Rachelle,

currently 14 y/o
my addiction is kpop
esp. Super Junior
I hope that you all read my blog with much pleasure,
or whatever you want XD
If you wanna know more about me, visit these websites
and add me !

| Youtube | | Hyves | Cyworld |

I would like to give out credits,
because I will use these blinkies,
just randomly,
so credits to blinkies :
Midnight Dive @
JunJun @

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090604 / INTRO


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